A Single, Unified Foundation

The Union League Legacy Foundation* is dedicated to the same tenets of freedom and free enterprise upon which the Union League was founded. Through historic preservation, education, and scholarship, the Legacy Foundation promotes these values and ideals, inspiring more educated, engaged, and responsible citizens.

The Legacy Foundation executes a wide array of programs; it cares for the historic collections, preserves the Union League House, provides civics education programs for high school students, curates interpretive and informative exhibits, grants scholarships for post-secondary education, presents the Good Citizenship Award, organizes multiple historical and cultural lecture series, and much more.

In June 2019, The Union League Legacy Foundation was reorganized from the three Foundations of the Union League — the Youth Work, Scholarship, and Abraham Lincoln Foundations.

The Legacy Foundation Staff

John J. Meko
Executive Director
P: 215-587-5583
E: mekoj@unionleague.org

Kira Foley-Tuzman
Chief Administrative Officer
P: 215-587-6455
E: kira@unionleague.org

Becca Benton
Administrative Assistant
P: 215-587-5596
E: bentonb@unionleague.org

Joe Ianni, Jr.
Program Coordinator
P: 215-587-6442
E: iannij@unionleague.org

Daniel Loughrey
Director of Development
P: 267-702-2969
E: loughreyd@unionleague.org

Amanda Rockwood
Development Coordinator
P: 215-702-2986
E: rockwooda@unionleague.org

Jim Mundy
P: 215-587-5592
E: mundyj@unionleague.org

Keeley Tulio
Archivist and Collections Coordinator
P: 215-587-5568
E: tuliok@unionleague.org

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